Riviera Riches: Slots for Luxury Dreamers

Once I had been in Australia to visit the best tourist sites over there. One day I was surfing on Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast), someone came to me and gave me a brochure. I did not go through that at beach, and when I came back to the hotel I checked that. It was an advertisement of a casino website, and I found a code inside that broacher by which I could play some spins for free.

I like to be engaged in playing any game. I took my tablet and opened that site. Very soon that webpage was in front of me, the whole webpage was looking very neatly designed for gamblers. There was a large list of slot machines available there to play. I selected the one which was named as Riviera Riches. That pokie was attracting me.

It was the most luxurious poker machine in the microgamming list. It was arranged with five reel and fifteen paylines. Object of this pokie was same as others have i.e. to match the symbols across the line. It includes many of luxurious symbols like bungalows, luxury cars and some finest drinks etc. All symbols in the machine were relates to my dreams, that’s why I had chosen that contest.

For that time I was planning to hang on that slot only. I knew I had a code by which I can play some free spins. So I used that code and got ten free spins. I started to play and I won the first three spins and I lost seven spins. After that I went for betting on that, I played it for two hours and won an average amount.

I was feeling very nice by playing on that poker. And playing casino is not a bad habit it gives good feelings and makes our time interesting too. I must say that everyone should try events like that.