Today I want to share some exciting experience of gaming with you. When I was reading a Chinese book based on martial art, I thought there must be any game on that type of fight. I feel just like a teenager even on this age. When I watch someone performing martial art, I become very excited and start to acting like I am fighting.

That’s why I wanted to play any kind of online action game which would be based on martial art. So I grabbed my phone and started searching for some contests like kung fu panda and karate kid etc.

After a long time I found the one which was named as “Karate Pig”. I was so curious to know more about that, so I started to explore some other information about that. I found many articles on that and after that I came to know that it was a slot machine.

I used to play on slots, so I thought that I should give a try on that. I wanted to take review for that event, so I started reviewing that. It was looking a very nice event to be participating in. I started to play this contest and I lost my first spin, but I continued and won many spins after that one loss.

Then I wanted to bet on that, because I was winning. It was my luck that I won jackpot on first spin which was a big win. I matched all the five reels at my first attempt and it worth for a big applause. That event included a great action theme which I liked most, and some wild symbols like cat and owls etc. I liked that slot machine and I have never played any pokie like that. I would really suggest you to try on this event, you will definitely feel awesome.