Won a Giant Jackpot

Last month when I was hanging around Kuala Lumpur (Capital of Malaysia) for some business purpose and after reaching, sitting in the room alone I went for surfing facebook. I got a text from my friend and I opened that and I found a link in there. I made a click on that link and it was taking me to a casino website which was looking so attractive.

I was also not doing anything that time so I thought that I should give a try on this, for that reason I reopened that web page. Many of games were available there, now I had to select one event on which I was going to play. I picked a slot machine from there which seemed very interesting to be deal with.

Name of that pokie was “Oriental Fortune”. It was a five paylines and five reels slot machine which was based on ancient china. The object was same as in other slots i.e. to match some symbols across the payline. It included many symbols like fish, dragon and rivers etc.

I selected that contest because of one reason which was jackpot prize. There were a giant sized jackpot prize was offered. The prize for jackpot was up to $2500 which was so big. I started betting with my first spin. I didn’t go through free spins that’s why I lost few spins in starting.

In between the contest I won many prizes but I didn’t get for what I was looking for. I kept continued playing and in the last I matched a specific symbol across the payline, for that I was rewarded with a large amount. I was going to quit the event but I wanted to try for one last time, I was betting on 0.25$ per spin but that time I increased the value into 5$ per spin. It was the greatest moment of my life, I won the jackpot prize. I made huge celebration that night. That’s all I wanted to share with you and I really love to suggest you to play this game.

Untamed: Crowned Eagle

Last year when I was in Australia I had a lot of adventures and thrilling work. The most thrilling thing which I did was going to the casinos. I was there for the vocational tour and when I was roaming on the beach I found a man who uses to keep eagle as his pet. I had some photos with them too.

I went for the gambling and I was very happy that I was on the winning side during my first attempt only which encouraged me to go for that again and again. By the better use of the technology you will get the service to stay in the arena of gambling by the use of online pokies. The best thing which you will love about this one is that you will get type of suggestion of games when you will make the search.

I made the search of any event which would be based on the concept of the birds and I found myself on the lucky side that I found Untamed: Crowned Eagle which was really the awesome one. It is featured with five reels and large number of ways of making the win which is 243. The only thing which you will have to do is to make the use of the symbols which you will get during the play.

Some of the symbols which are used in this one are animated icon of eagle, eagle’s eye, and many more. It is featured with many different characteristics too like you may get the chance to win free spins, certain credits and bonuses and many more. This one is themed on the jungle with the lifestyle of the eagles. While going through the play I was feeling that I am taking the fun of betting on the table which is in the jungle. You will love its world which is full of adventures.

Riviera Riches: Slots for Luxury Dreamers

Once I had been in Australia to visit the best tourist sites over there. One day I was surfing on Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast), someone came to me and gave me a brochure. I did not go through that at beach, and when I came back to the hotel I checked that. It was an advertisement of a casino website, and I found a code inside that broacher by which I could play some spins for free.

I like to be engaged in playing any game. I took my tablet and opened that site. Very soon that webpage was in front of me, the whole webpage was looking very neatly designed for gamblers. There was a large list of slot machines available there to play. I selected the one which was named as Riviera Riches. That pokie was attracting me.

It was the most luxurious poker machine in the microgamming list. It was arranged with five reel and fifteen paylines. Object of this pokie was same as others have i.e. to match the symbols across the line. It includes many of luxurious symbols like bungalows, luxury cars and some finest drinks etc. All symbols in the machine were relates to my dreams, that’s why I had chosen that contest.

For that time I was planning to hang on that slot only. I knew I had a code by which I can play some free spins. So I used that code and got ten free spins. I started to play and I won the first three spins and I lost seven spins. After that I went for betting on that, I played it for two hours and won an average amount.

I was feeling very nice by playing on that poker. And playing casino is not a bad habit it gives good feelings and makes our time interesting too. I must say that everyone should try events like that.

Luckiest Day Ever

Before two day, background sound of GTA Vice City hit my ears and I woke up. My younger brother was playing that game. I scolded him for the high sound on which he was playing. I woke up so early that’s why I was getting bored, so I opened youtube and started to watch some new videos. There I found a trailer of a movie. I liked that video so much that I started searching for full video of that movie, it was available on many sites but I wanted to download that.

When I was finding through internet, an advertise appeared to me which was like play and earn cash. I was curious that what kind of contest it was that was offering me to earn. It was looking like a fraud but still I wanted to know about that, and even I was getting bore.

I clicked on that advertisement which took me to casino website. It was offering me many events, there was an event named as “Life’s a Beach”. It was a 20 paylines and 5 reels poker machine. In that there was no option of playing it for free, but even I wanted to get into that.

So I decided to bet on that contest, but I wanted to take review for that. At next moment, I started to find all the things about that slot machine. I found that pokie most impressive among all.

I started betting on that with minimum amount. In order to win I had to match some symbols across the line. I matched some beach bar icon across the payline and won a large prize. It was really feeling very great to be a winner at first attempt.

It was an amazing experience of mine, and I really want you to try on this slot machine.

Karate Pig: For Those Who Loves Action Gaming

Today I want to share some exciting experience of gaming with you. When I was reading a Chinese book based on martial art, I thought there must be any game on that type of fight. I feel just like a teenager even on this age. When I watch someone performing martial art, I become very excited and start to acting like I am fighting.

That’s why I wanted to play any kind of online action game which would be based on martial art. So I grabbed my phone and started searching for some contests like kung fu panda and karate kid etc.

After a long time I found the one which was named as “Karate Pig”. I was so curious to know more about that, so I started to explore some other information about that. I found many articles on that and after that I came to know that it was a slot machine.

I used to play on slots, so I thought that I should give a try on that. I wanted to take review for that event, so I started reviewing that. It was looking a very nice event to be participating in. I started to play this contest and I lost my first spin, but I continued and won many spins after that one loss.

Then I wanted to bet on that, because I was winning. It was my luck that I won jackpot on first spin which was a big win. I matched all the five reels at my first attempt and it worth for a big applause. That event included a great action theme which I liked most, and some wild symbols like cat and owls etc. I liked that slot machine and I have never played any pokie like that. I would really suggest you to try on this event, you will definitely feel awesome.

Big 5: Best Tool to Pass the Time

Once I was on airport and was waiting for my flight for Sydney, I was getting bored that time so I passed few time with listening music. But soon my flight had arrived on airport so I left listening and went for the flight. For a little time I sat very quietly but as time was passing, I started sighing. It means I was getting so bored.

So I started staring at other passengers to know that what they were doing. Some were sleeping, and others were having dinner, some of them were playing game etc. I didn’t want to sleep at all. And my tummy was not demanding for any food and I also couldn’t eat anything. So I thought for playing online slots.

I started searching for an application of casino. I found many app to download, but I downloaded a microgamming app “Big 5”. I did whole research on that, it seemed playable software.

It will give you large number of poker machine to get rid of my boring time. It contained a traditional gamming collection, which is usually known as “Classics”. Prize in that was not so much high but even it was looking nice. Now I had to select a slot machine on which I had to play. Soon I selected a slot to be participating in.

It contained a fabulous theme and very attractive graphics with some wild symbols like lion, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard etc. It had a good arrangement of paylines and reels.

I started betting from the first chance, and played for a long time until I get reached at Sydney. It was looking that I had come very fast. That was the greatest time pass of my life. I won many chances and lost too. But in last I was in profit, I was happy.

And I would like to suggest you to play with that slot. You will definitely get fun while playing this.